Deadrising is the first game in the deadrising series and was released by Capcom in August 2006. It followed the story of Frank West, a freelancer photographer who infiltartes into the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado which has been quarantined by the military. The game was a commercial success and eventually made to the Xbox 360 Platinum Hits .



Frank West is a freelance photojournalist who snuck into the town of Willamete via helicopter. He is investigating why the entire town has been sealed off by the National Guard. The Helicopter then lands on the roof of the town shopping centre and Frank tells him to return in exactly 72 hours time. When he gets inside he finds a group of survivors that are barricading the entrance to the shoping centre but it fails after an old woman attempts to save her dog. Only four people manage to escape to the Centre's security room (they were Frank, Department of Homeland Security Agent Brandon, his rookie partner and the janitor Otis who goes to

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