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The Cover for Medieval II: Total War

 Medieval II, is the indirect sequel to the 2002 game Medieval: Total War, th was released in 2006 making it the fourth game in the Total War series continuing the free roaming introduced in Rome: Total War. The Ganme is set between 1080 and 1530 and like the last medieval game, it's set in Medieval Europe, the Middle-East and Africa and follows politcs, religion and warfare of the middle ages.

The game goes from the Crusades to the dicovery of the New World and the conquest of the Americas. It is bult on the same code that was used in Rome: Total War.


Like the other games in the Total War series, the game has two modes; battles and a single-player campaign. Battles can be fought online aswell and can be be user-made or be historically acurate like with the battle of Agincourt. Battles do also appear in the campaign.


Known in Medieval II as the Grand Campaign, you have to play this in order to unlock the other factions (except the Mongols, Timurids, Aztecs, the Papal States and Rebels).

In the campaign you can assume control of a civilization and allow it to grow into a economical

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