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Papers, please is a 2013 indie game which centres around the life of a immigration officer for the communist country of Artstotska. The game was released on August 8, 2013 for Linux, Microsoft Windows and OS X and is available for digital download on Steam and on It is currently in version It has won several awards including a BAFTA Game Award for Game Innovatiion as well as being nominated for Best Game and Game Design. It has won awards at the Game Developers Conference and the Independent Games Festival.


The game allows the player to take control of an immigration inspector at the border of the fictional, dystopian state of Artstotzka. You have the job of processing people who come to the country, using an array of tools at your disposal with which you check that peoples papers are in order as well as keeping  unwanted people including terrorists, wanted criminals, or smugglers, out of the country. You earn money for every person you process in a single day ($5 for every person you either deny or accept) as well as any bribes that are accepted, but money is taken away every time you make a mistake and allow people into the country

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