File:Project Spark - Community Montage - Gamescom 2013
Project Spark promo art

Promotional art for Project Spark

 Project Spark is a game-making game devloped by the creators of Kodu Game Lab for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Pc's that have Windows 8. It has no set release date yet but there is a beta available for Xbox One and PC but not for Xbox 360.

The game was first officialy announced at the Microsoft conference at E3 2013 where it was anounced that the game would support the use of Smartglass and Kinect to edit the world and the game.


Project Spark gives you a digital canvas with which you can do what you like creating scenes from films, original games or copies. All the creations can be shared and played anywhere no matter whether the game you are playing on your Xbox was made on a Windows 8 PC.

The player once they have chosen either a blank map or a predesigned level will be entered into that world and will be able to edit anything from the height and depth of the land as well as the brain of individual objects and NPC's. This feature was showcased at E3 with the creation of Rock man and turning him into Rock Warior and Rock Mech


Conker The Squirrel is in it

There are lots of options

It should be pretty good I suppose

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