File:Red Faction Guerrilla Xbox 360 Trailer - Destruction
Red Faction Guerrilla Cover

North American Cover Art for Red Faction: Guerrilla

Red Faction is the third installment in the Red Faction series and the first to introduce third person to the franchise. The game was developed by Volition Inc. and was published by THQ. The game was first released in June 2009 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and in September 2009 for Microsoft Windows.


The player takes control of a miner called alec Mason as he assists the Red Faction in overthrowing the oppressive Earth Defence Force or EDF on Mars. This story, unlike the previous games in the series, is always seen from a third person perspective. Volition decided to change the view so the player was able to appreciate the surroundings as they are destroyed by enemies, allies and the players themselves.

Unlike Red Faction II, which utilized the Geomod engine, Red Faction: Guerrilla doesn't allow the player to destroy the terrain, however the new GeoMod 2,0 engine does allow the player to destroy buildings, cover and other kinds of structures (like fuel towers). This allows the player to have some creativity in how they go about acheiving an objective such as bowing your way through structures or leveling buildings, walkways and catwalks to kill the enemy. In ost cases, when you destroy building they will leave behind salvage which the game utilizes as currency and can be used alongside the salvage which you are awarded after completing a mission to unlock new weapons and upgrade your existing weapons as well as new technology which you can do at the safehouses.

During the campaign, you are always equipped with a sledgehammer-like weapon as well as three slots for other weapon like sub-machine guns, pistols and explosives which can be selected at both the Red Faction Safehouse and Red Faction crates which are dotted around the map. The player is also given the oppurtunity to control a range of armed vehicles which range from simple retrofitted civilian vehicles, to tanks and and walkers which allow for more destructive options when fighting the EDF.

The game plays in an open-world which represents the terraformed surface of Mars. The world is divided up into 6 different sectors/areas which the player must successfully free from the tyrnnical rule of the EDF be fore moving onto the next sector. If the player travels through as yet un-freed areas of the map, they will be shot at by the EDF if they are spotted by EDF patrols or commit aggressive actions. Also there is either one or more than one safehouse belonging to Red Faction where the player can heal u, rearm, change his/her loadout and spend collcted salvage on new technology, weapons and weapon upgrades. The player can either travel the world on foot or use one


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