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A real time battle from Shogun: Total War

 Shogun: Total War was developed by a game developement company called The Creative Assembly. It was released on the 13th June 2000 as The Creative Assemblies first game outside of EA Sports.

It was originally going to be a 2D game like Command & Conquer but was changed due to upgrades to 3D graphics in many other games. It was published by Electronic Arts and since it was the first in a series it relied on a dedicated fanbase to ensure its success.

In 2011, a sequel to Shogun: Total War called Total War Shogun 2 was released by Sega with improved graphics and gameplay as well as the ability to have over 56,000 troops on a battlefield at once.


The game is set around the sengoku (country in civil war() period of japan and samurai warfare. The game makes the player the leader of a Japanese clan with the goal of ruling all of Japan through military might, diplomacy, religion and trade.

There are two parts to the game, turn-based movement where you can move your armies to attack enemies, invade cities and where you can upgrade your cities, and there is the real time strategy side to it where when you invade a city or attack an enemy army you can take control of your army and win the battle through your own tactics and strategic placement.

The game has seven playable factions and is based in the islands of Honshu and Kyushu. The clans are the Shimazu, the Mori, the Takeda, the Oda, the Imagawa, the Uesugi and the Hojo. Each clan has a specific boost to their land. The Takeda clan boosts superior horsemen at lower costs and the Imagawa clan can create more effective spy units.


The campaign starts you of with one castle, one province, one army and 2000 Koku (the currency in Shogun: Total War). The Player must expand his empire by taking over the other clans and becoming the shogun of Feudal Japan. Each castle and province has space to allow for the building of buildings like the horse breeder or rice paddy and can be upgraded for extra defence against sieges.

Most of the game is set in the turn based mode with some battles being fought to gain land, which you can choose to auto resolve if you outnumber them or you can choose to face them in battle and in the game you can ally or have trade agreements with other clans to help them fight off your enemies and fuel your income.

During every turn the player is able to move their units (Armies, single military units, warrior monks etc.) about the map from province to province taking it over one by one. Once a player is done they can end their turn and watch as the other AI make their moves

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