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 Total War is a turn based, computer-strategy game developed by The Creative Assembly, a company based in Horsham, UK. The first game in the Total War series was Shogun: Total war which was released on 13th June 2000 and since then, seven other main games have been released with a total of 10 main expansion packs for the main games as well as 3 spin off games of the Total War series.


Main GamesEdit

  • Shogun: Total War (2000)
  • Medieval: Total War (2002)
  • Rome: Total War (2004)
  • Medieval II: Total War (2006)
  • Empire: Total War (2009)
  • Napoleon: Total War (2010)
  • Shogun II: Total War (2011)
  • Rome II: Total War (2013)

Expansion packs (Main games)Edit

  • Mongol Invasion
  • Viking Invasion
  • Barbarian Invasion
  • Alexander
  • Kingdoms
  • The Warpath Campaign
  • The Peninsular Campaign
  • The Rise of the Samurai
  • The Fall of the Samurai
  • Ceasetr in Gaul

Spin-Off GamesEdit

  • Spartan: Total Warrior
  • Total War Battles: Shogun
  • Total War: Arena

Shogun: Total WarEdit

The first Total War game is set in feudal Japan. The Role-Playing is down to the clans in the game and it was considered a revolutionary game as it had interactive videos for choices the player or the AI make including the death of a General or converting your clan to Christianity. The Mongol Invasion expansion pack was released alongside the original game in the Warlord Edition.

Medieval: Total WarEdit

Medival: Total War is set in Medeival Europe. It was released in 2002 and is currently considered to be one of the bestselling games in the Total War series but unfortunately it encountereed problems as it was not able to run on the new computers even when they were in compatibility mode. They got around this by changing the their RAM size to 2GB. Later on they released the Viking Invasion Expansion Pack alongside the gold Edition into what became as the Battle Collection.

Rome: Total WarEdit

This game was set in the Roman Republic and added a feature which become a fundamental feature in the Total War series, free-roaming of trooops and other units under your control instead of moving by province.  It was released on the 22nd September 2004 with an expansion pack known as Barbarian Invasion was released 5 days later on September 27th 2004.

A second expansion pack named Aelxandria was released on the 19th June 2006. It was later bundled together into Rome: Total War Anthology which was released on March 16th 2007

Medieval II: Total WarEdit

As a sequel to the original game, it was released on March 10th 2006. The game includes more detailed characters, the Age of Discovery and the Mongol and Timurid invasions. The expansion pack called Kingdoms which was released on the 28th August 2007. The expansion pack contains four campaigns, they are the Britania Campaign, set in the British Isles during the reign of King Henry III,

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