Factions are an essential part of the Total War or any series because without other factions you would have no-one to fight against or play for. In the game there are a total of 271 playable and non-playable factions in the Total War series so far. Some can be made playable through both free and paid downloadable content.

Each faction has a special advantage like superior cavalry or archer units or better farming or trade. The upgrade is exclusive to that faction and that faction alone.

Shogun: Total War FactionsEdit

  • Hojo Clan (Better Castles as well as better and cheaper siege equipment)
  • Imagawa clan (non-playable)
  • Mori Clan (improved ship movement, superior ships and reduced recruitment and upkeep costs for ships)
  • Oda Clan
  • Shimazu Clan (Reduced recruitment and upkeep costs for katana samurai, superior katana heroes and samurai)
  • Takada Clan (Better morale for horsemen as well as superior horsemen and lower upkeep and recruitment costs)
  • Uesugi Clan (Reduced recruitment and upkeep for warrior monks as well as a 2% increase in trade income and access to superior warrior monks)
  • Ronin and Rebels

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