Xbox console with controller

 The Xbox was the first of the series and was the first console to be made by the company Microsoft. It was released on November 15th 2001 with several launch titles including the famous Halo: Combat Evolved which stared a series that would span over 8 games with 2 trilogies and 2 spin-off games. It was created to compete with Sony's PS2, Nintendo's GameCube and Sega's Dreamcast (the last console to be made by the company) and was the first console to be made by an American company since the unsuccessful Apple Pippin was discontinued in 1997 after poor sales of the console.

In 2002 Microsoft released a new online service for the Xbox called Xbox live which had two types of subscriptiob, a free silver subscription with basic access to Xbox Live and a paid Gold subscription where you can play on multiplayer, talk in parties and download games off the Xbox Live Marketplace. This service gave Microsoft an early footing on the gaming market which lead to the success of the Xbox.

In 2005, the successor to the Original Xbox called the Xbox 360 was released. The console was discontinued inb Japan in 2006, 2007 in Europe and in 2008 for North America. The last game nto be released in North America was Madden NFL 09 which was released in 2008.


The idea for the Xbox came in 1998 after a team of four engineers from Microsofts DirectX team when they took parts froma Dell laptop to make a prototype for Microsofts video game console. The console was originally created to combat the Plastation 2 which was taking developers away from the Windows PC and it was originally called the Direct Xbox but was shortened down to the Xbox to make it simpler.

Microsoft's marketing team was against the name 'Xbox' and they suggested many other names but the name was left on the list to be tested by the public so that the creators might see how unliked the name was and change it but when the name reached the public it was very popular and Xbox became the official name for the product.

The Xbox was Microsoft's first video game console and it was announced at the Game Developers Conference in 2000  

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